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Netflix Announces New ‘Pluto’ Anime Adaption

Headed to Netflix later this year.

Following a world where robots live alongside humans, and a string of robot murders sets off a complex mystery that leads a detective and a sophisticated robot on a journey to uncover the truth; Pluto.

Based on the award-winning manga series, Netflix has officially announced the anime adaption for the series: Astro Boy. The anime series will adapt the “The Greatest Robot on Earth” arc.

The series is scheduled to air later this year.

Pluto Anime Series Preview

The announcement was made by Netflix’s official Twitter account on February 14, 2023 – valentine’s day.

An exact release date has not yet been confirmed but the series is confirmed to premiere sometime in 2023.

Co-author Takashi Nagasaki released a statement about the new series, saying:

"Pluto inherits the philosophy of Tezuka and does not merely convey a message of anti-war, but reminds us that there is suffering on both sides… but still, the only remaining answer is peace.”

Stay tuned for more information.

Astro Boy Synopsis

Astro Boy is a classic manga series created by Osamu Tezuka in the 1950s. It follows the adventures of a powerful robot named Astro Boy who is created by a brilliant scientist to replace his deceased son. 

Astro Boy goes on to use his incredible abilities to fight against injustice and protect humanity from a variety of threats, including other robots, aliens, and mad scientists.

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