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Kuroko’s Basketball: Top 12 Best Players

In this article, we'll list the top 12 best players of Kuroko's Basketball and briefly discuss why they are as strong as they are.

Kuroko’s Basketball is perhaps the best basketball anime ever, as so many will unanimously claim. But the debate for who the best player is not so unanimous. Many say Aomine is the best, and others will say Kagami or Midorima is?

Each prodigy among the generation of miracles boasts an impressive strength or ability. Aomine claims that the only one who can beat him is, in fact, him, but who really is the best basketball player in the anime.

In this article, we’ll list the top 12 best players of the series and briefly discuss why they are as strong as they are. We conjured this list based on commonality in opinions online, and we know that this topic is controversial. So let us know how you would rank the players in the comments below.


Reo Mibuchi

Reo Mibuchi, the vice-captain and shooting guard of Rakuzan High is just one of the many powerful players in the Rakuzan line up, and one of the Uncrowned Kings. Alongside his incredible natural shooting talent, which makes him the best shooter, second to Midorima, he has three shooting trumpcards he can use at will.

Because the difference in shooting form between heaven and earth (2/3 of his shooting forms) are drastically different, defenders are constantly faced with a tough decision on how to block his shot, and predicting how to react seems almost impossible. As if that’s not enough, he has a third shooting form, void, which makes him almost unguardable.


Kotaro Hayama

Kotaro Hayama is the small forward of Rakuzan High and one of the Uncrowned Kings whose nicknamed ‘The Lightning Beast’. If not for Izuki’s eagle eye, Kotaro would have almost certainly taken control of that final game.

Using only 3 of his fingers, he’s capable of dribbling harder and faster than most – if not all of the players in the series. The speed and power at which he dribbles only increases with the number of fingers he uses, and at 5 fingers, he attains lighting speed, hence his nickname.


Teppei Kiyoshi

The former ace, Teppei Kiyoshi, is the founder of Seirin High’s basketball club and one of the uncrowned kings. Known as the ‘Iron Heart’, his determination to keep fighting and ability as a player makes him undisputedly one of the best players on the court.

Kiyoshi’s ability: right of postponement, allows him to dominate in aerial combat. Because of his naturally large hands, Kiyoshi is capable of palming and rebounding the ball with one hand, through which he can immediately decide to shoot or pass midair.

Another feature of the iron heart is his basketball IQ. As perfect a fit for the centre position he is, Kiyoshi is just as capable playing the point guard.


Tetsuya Kuroko

Tetsuya Kuroko is the small forward of Seirin High and Phantom Sixth Player of the Generation of Miracles. We are all aware of Kuroko’s abilities of misdirection and passes. Once upon a time a failure, Kuroko has proven he is worthy of making list of the best with his unique and threatening play style.

Kuroko’s misdirection is an incredible ability which ultimately helped Seirin win 90% of their games. By using various elements to misdirect the attention of the players on the court, Kuroko is able to perfectly execute defence penetrating passes. So many teams have completely devised new formations on his account.

Throughout the series, he develops his misdirection techniques and creates new abilities. With his newly developed shot that defeated Murasakibara in a game winner, we can see that if his misdirection weakens, as it tend to, he’ll still pose a threat to the opposition.


Shogo Haizaki

Shogo Haizaki could’ve very well have been labelled a prodigy in Kise’s place. Although we know Kise is stronger, Haizaki has definitely shown us that he is one of the strongest there is, although many dislike him.

Haizaki may have the most threatening ability of them all. Slightly different from Kise’s copying ability, Haizaiki steals the techniques of his opponents. He does so copying his opponents moves and executing it at different paces. This throws his opponents off when they try to re-execute their moves. Perhaps, the only one who can beat Haizaiki is Kise himself.


Tatsuya Himuro

Tatsuya Himuro is Yosen High’s second year shooting guard who was Taiga Kagami’s brother figure back in the United States. Alongside Murasakibara, Tatsuya has made Yosen High a formidable team in the tournament. Tatsuya isn’t classed as a prodigy, but he’s definitely at that level.

Tatsuya is shown to have perfect execution in his movements and shots. His movements were so orthodox in fact that they were dubbed elegant in the series. But this isn’t the only thing that makes him so strong.

Tatsuya’s special double shot is an incredible ability that allows him to fake a shot midair by releasing the ball, and shooting after catching the ball at the apex of his jump. Furthermore, predicting the shot is useless since he can easily shoot on the first release too. Perhaps the only people who can stop him are Kagami and Murasakibara.


Atsushi Murasakibara

The center among the generation of miracles, Atsushi Murasakibara now plays for Yosen High. Although seemingly lazy, Murasakibara is hands down the most dominant player on the court, given his abnormally tall frame.

Murasakibara’s performances speaks volumes for themselves; he often drove his team to win games without forfeiting a single point. This is because his tall frame enables him to effortlessly block almost all shots in his large proximity.

His defensive power is just as great as his offensive power. When he decides to put in the effort, he becomes almost impossible to guard against. He’ll dunk on anyone and everyone, no matter how many people are marking him. If he decided to put in the effort in that final game from the very first minute, Yosen High would have surely won.


Shintaro Midorima

Shintaro Midorima, now plays as the shooting guard for one of the Three Kings of Tokyo, Shūtoku High. A quirky prodigy and the best shooter in the series. You often see tiktoks comparing Midorima to Stephen Curry.

Midorima is truly a shooting genius. He’s so accurate in fact, that throughout the entire series, he never missed a single open shot. He’s also capable of shooting from underneath his own teams basket.

Midorima is also the only member among the generation of miracles that Kagami and Kuroko didn’t beat in the winter cup – instead drawing with him.


Taiga Kagami

Taiga Kagami is the ace and power forward of Seirin High. As we’ve seen, his ability as a basketball player only grew and grew. Before long, he was already in the same discussion as the generation of miracles.

Kagami’s main strength lies in his explosive jumping power. With it, he was able to compete against all of the prodigies. At one point, he jumped so high that he accidentally banged his forehead on the hoop.

His jumping ability isn’t his only talent. Entering the zone is a requirement only a few have, and Kagami has entered it multiple times throughout the series – even reaching the ‘zone beyond the zone’ in that final game. When Kagami enters the zone, he becomes a player capable of challenging an in-zone Aomine, as we’ve all seen.


Daiki Aomine

Daiki Aomine is the ace and power forward of Touou High. A prodigy and the former ace among the generation of miracles. If you argue that Aomine is the best player, you may not be wrong. After all, the series has portrayed him to be so.

Aomine has an incredibly unorthodox play style, with phenomenal shooting accuracy. What makes Aomine so powerful is his ability to comfortably shoot from unthinkable positions with perfect accuracy. Even more impressive, Aomine has the ability to forcefully enter the zone at will, and when he does, he becomes near impossible to mark.

Aomine is also the only person to ever deliver Seirin a loss, and he more or less did so single handedly. Perhaps the only reason he lost that winter cup game was because of his ego, which prevents him from working with his team.


Seijuro Akashi

Seijuro Akashi is the point guard and captain of Rakuzan High. A prodigy and also the former captain of the generation of miracles. As the final boss, it makes perfect sense that he’d rank so high in this list.

Akashi is an incredibly orthodox player. His genius baskteball IQ enables him to strategise and win games efficiently and almost effortlessly. As a first year, you would be surprised to find out that he is the captain of the Rakuzan High basketball team, holding 3 uncrowned kings. But when we get familiar with his authoritative character, it makes perfect sense.

Akashi’s emperor eye gives him full authority and control over the game. It allows him to see everything on the court and near-perfectly predict moments ahead – almost as if he could see the future. This same ability allows him to make simple plays seem threatening; on a simple cross over, he’d effectively break ankles.

If he isn’t powerful enough, he also has the ability to forcefully enter the zone, which he can attain by simply losing trust in his team mates. By entering the zone, he is capable of taking on a whole team by himself, as we’ve all seen. But that isn’t it. He has another zone he can enter given the state of his dual personality. When in this other zone, he has the ability to pull his entire team into the zone with him, causing them to all play perfectly.

Midorima is also the only member among the generation of miracles that Kagami and Kuroko didn’t beat in the winter cup – instead drawing with him.


Kuroko no Basket Kise Ryota

Ryota Kise

Ryota Kise is the ace and small forward of Kaijo High. One of the generation of miracles and best known for his copying abilities. Given his potential, it makes perfect sense that he is at the top of this list.

Kise is a phenomenally quick learner, so much so that given he has the physical ability required, he can copy any move. In his battle against Aomine, Kise slowly but steadily gets closer to perfectly imitating Aomine, and eventually completely copies him. However, at that point Aomine was still undeniably better.

In his final game against seirin, Kise showed of his ability perfectly copy the generation of miracles. Although on a time limit, Kise essentially became the collective generation of miracles in one entity. Kise was subbed out early and ultimately played less than half of the game. When he was subbed back in the those final 4 minutes, Kise overcame Seirin’s 15 point lead and very barely lost to a buzzer beater. If that isn’t impressive enough, he did all of it with an injured foot.

Unlike Kise, the rest of the prodigies respect each other for one another’s abilities that they themselves do not have. Kise isn’t limited to a single area of skills, but can use them all. As if he wasn’t strong enough, later on in the final movie, we see Kise enter the zone – combing the zone and his perfect copy.

As Kuroko said, Kise is ‘the greatest player.’

Do you agree with this list? Who would you say is the best player and why? Let us know down in the comments.

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