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12 Best Psychological-Themed Anime
14 Best Psychological-Themed Anime
From psychological warfare to psychological trauma...
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16 Best Time Travel Anime, Ranked!
From classic series to newer releases, these are the most popular time travel anime series that have captivated...
best mecha anime
18 Best Mecha Anime, Ranked!
Get ready to pilot your own giant robot and save the world with our list of the best mecha anime series.
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16 Most Popular Isekai Anime
Isekai, a genre of anime in which a character is transported to a parallel world, has become extremely popular...
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Best Military-Themed Anime
Are you a fan of military strategy and high-stakes action? Look no further, as we have compiled a list of...
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12 Most Popular Music-Themed Anime
Music has always played a central role in anime, and there are many series that showcase the power and beauty...
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18 School-Themed Anime You're Missing Out On
School-themed anime are ideal for when we're at our most bored. We’ve listed the best school-themed anime...
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26 Must Watch Reincarnation-Themed Anime
Getting reincarnated into a new world is narrative many anime follow. But which anime is considered the best?