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26 Must Watch Reincarnation-Themed Anime

Getting reincarnated into a new world is narrative many anime follow. But which anime is considered the best?
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We all like the idea of reincarnation. Being reborn into a mysterious place with unique society and various norms always results in a fresh original and entertaining narrative. 

There are countless stories following this narrative, each with a different story following. But among the many reincarnation anime, which are recognised as the greatest?

We researched a huge amount of reincarnation anime, using MyAnimeList, online forums, and other sources, and narrowed them down to a little list of what we’ve found to be considered the best of the best.

Ahead are 26 of the best reincarnation anime to watch. Explore and read through the synopsis’ to find the next reincarnation anime for you.


Black Summoner

Kelvin gives up some memories from his former life in exchange for strong abilities, more skill points, and the title of S-class summoner in order to get ready for reincarnation in a different universe. As an added benefit, the goddess Melfina, who is assisting his rebirth, gives him the option of choosing any companion to help him in his summoner job. Quickly deciding on the deity, Kelvin—who had fallen madly in love with Melfina at first sight—is sure that his intense feelings for her will return even in the absence of all of his memories

Melfina serves as Kelvin’s guide as he sets out on his fascinating new expedition. However, he needs to gain a large number of mana points in order to call his beloved goddess in physical form. The best method to do this is to level up by engaging in battle with challenging foes and forging alliances with more challenging allies.


By the Grace of the Gods

A child named Ryouma Takebayashi lives deep in the forest, distant from human interaction. He has a peculiar interest of keeping various varieties of slimes as pets. Furthermore, despite his youth, he possesses a strong physique and a good affinity for magic. All of this is because, after enduring tremendous hardship in his former life, three gods bestow upon Ryouma a second chance to pursue one goal: to savour the wonders of life.

Ryouma encounters people that will affect his current life forever after three years of pleasant solitude. When he meets and helps other soldiers in tending to a wounded comrade, the group persuades him to accompany them to the neighboring town’s ducal family. Ryouma agrees and sets off to see the huge world outside his village.


Didn't I Say to Make My Abilities Average in the Next Life?!

Misato Kurihara has spent most of her life standing out from the crowd due to her extraordinary personality, therefore she has never known the delight of having close friends or the experience of living a normal life. However, following her untimely death, she was transferred to a celestial world to be reincarnated—and was allowed one wish to boot. Thinking about the typical existence she had always desired, she wished to be born as a normal person with average ability for the world she would resurrect in.

Reborn as Adele von Ascham, the daughter of a nobleman, she possesses magical abilities well above the average. Still wanting to live the life she desired, she leaves her home and enrols at a hunter school in a distant kingdom under the identity “Mile.” However, no matter how hard she tries to conceal her overwhelming power, achieving her aim will be difficult—especially when confronted with the crazy circumstances that ensue!


The Strongest Sage with the Weakest Crest

Mages are born with one of four “crests” that signify the amount of their magical skill. A man named Gaius, armed with a crest that specialised in creation, reached the pinnacle of his ability, being recognised as the world’s strongest sage. Despite his overwhelming power, he is dissatisfied with his powers and wishes to get the close combat mark. Knowing that a person’s crest cannot be changed, Gaius intends to reincarnate far into the future in the hopes of changing his fate.

Gaius is resurrected as Mathias Hildesheimer thousands of years later, finally acquiring his long-desired crest. However, he is astonished to hear that magic has diminished in these times, and the skills that were once widely used are now little more than a speck of legend. Furthermore, the crest he worked so hard to achieve is now considered the weakest, dubbed the “Crest of Failure.”

Nonetheless, Mathias outperforms all expectations. He enrols in the royal capital’s Second Academy, where he excels at every test. However, Mathias quickly discovers the horrible truth behind humanity’s descent into magical mediocrity—demons—and sets out to undo the consequences of his millennium-long absence once and for all.


The Eminence in Shadow

Minoru Kagenou has been obsessed with getting as strong as possible for as long as he can remember, which has driven him to engage in every manner of intense training. This wish, however, is not motivated by a desire to be noticed by others; rather, Minoru does everything in his power to fit in with the crowd. So, during the day, he seems to be a fully normal student, but at night, he arms himself with a crowbar and viciously thrashes local biker gangs. Minoru’s ambitions appear to be dashed when he gets involved in a vehicle collision. In his closing hours, he criticises his powerlessness—no matter how hard he trained, he couldn’t escape his human limits.

Instead of dying, Minoru reawakens in another world as Cid, the second child of the noble Kagenou family, in a world where magic is normal. With the power he craved finally at his disposal, he adopts the moniker “Shadow” and establishes Shadow Garden: a group whose main aim is to oppose the mysterious Cult of Diablos, an organisation created entirely in Cid’s imagination. However, as Shadow Garden expands in size and influence, it becomes clear that the Cult of Diablos is not as imaginary as Cid had imagined.


The Greatest Demon Lord Is Reborn as a Typical Nobody

Varvatos had attained the apex of human potential and was so powerful that the rest of humanity began to refer to him as the Demon Lord, both fearing and respecting his tremendous strength. As a result, he felt separated from his fellow humans, prompting him to want for meaningful companionship—someone he could call a friend.

Varvatos chooses to reincarnate three thousand years later as Ard Meteor, the son of a seemingly ordinary couple in a remote village, hoping that his fate will change in his future life. Unfortunately, he discovers that even after weakening himself, his strength still dominates this era. Furthermore, his lack of social skills prevents him from accomplishing his goal of establishing friends. Worst of all, the consequences of abruptly leaving his previous position have begun to haunt him in the most unexpected ways.


The 8th son? Are you kidding me?

Shingo Ichinomiya, 25, awakens in a new world and learns he is in the body of a six-year-old. Shingo discovers via his memories of his difficult job working at a firm that the person he is occupying is Wendelin Von Benno Baumeister, the eighth son of a poverty stricken noble family living in the countryside. Wendelin, being aware of his odd situation, seeks to improve his financial and social standing. His newly acquired extraordinary magical ability may be exactly what he needs to accomplish that goal.


The Founder of Diabolism

Xian: the immortal state that all cultivators aim for. However, beneath the surface resides a dark energy – the forbidden Mo Dao, or demonic way. This is the path that cultivator Wei Wuxian experiments with during his lessons, thanks to a terrible series of tragedies. His ascension to power is marked by chaos and destruction, but his reign of terror is cut short when the cultivation clans overthrow him and he is killed by his closest ally.

Wei Wuxian is reincarnated in the body of a madman thirteen years later and reunited with Lan Wangji, a former classmate. This is the start of a strange mystery that is plaguing the clans and threatening to disturb their daily lives.

Mo Dao Zu Shi follows these two individuals on their quest to solve the spiritual world’s secrets. Fighting demons, ghosts, and even other cultivators, the two wind up forging an unanticipated relationship.


Trapped in a Dating Sim: The World of Otome Games is Tough for Mobs

An regular man is blackmailed into playing a dating simulator set in a matriarchy, and he must endure the harsh and perplexing world until he completes the game. He ultimately beats it after several days of grinding, but his obsessive gaming comes at a cost: terrible sleep deprivation and hunger.

While on his way to the convenience store to handle one of these issues, the man stumbles down the steps and becomes unconscious, only to awaken to the worst-case scenario: he has been reincarnated into the game as the mob character Leon Fou Bartfort. Now trapped in a world he despises, Leon must utilise his understanding of the game to safely traverse the storyline and sustain himself in a society where the odds are stacked firmly against him.


Ya Boy Kongming!

Zhuge Kongming was regarded as one of the best tacticians of third-century China’s Three Kingdoms period. Kongming, who has led his army to numerous difficult victories, becomes gravely ill at the Battle of Wuzhang Plains. The exhaustion and remorse caused by the seemingly never-ending battle catch up with Kongming, and as he draws his final breath, he wishes that if he were to reincarnate, he would be born in a more peaceful era.

Kongming’s wish is granted, and he awakens in modern-day Tokyo with a youthful body and his memories intact. He stumbles into a nightclub and encounters Eiko Tsukimi, an aspiring singer whose performance immediately captures his attention. Eiko takes Kongming under her wing and teaches him about the modern world, which sparks Kongming’s interest in contemporary music. Kongming, seeing Eiko’s enormous musical ability, pledges to make the world know her and soon becomes her manager.

Unsurprisingly, the music industry is harsh on people who commit even minor blunders. Kongming is still determined to achieve his objectives, even if it means resurrecting the war strategies he famously employed in his former incarnation!


Knight's & Magic

Tsubasa Kurata, an otaku from modern Japan, is resurrected in the Fremmevilla Kingdom, a historical world where powerful mechs called Silhouette Knights combat horrible demonic creatures.

Ernesti Echevarria, born into an aristocratic family and endowed with great magical powers, enrols in Royal Laihaila Academy. This magical school teaches young men and women how to pilot the Silhouette Knights, preparing them to protect the realm from demonic and human enemies. Ernesti teams together with the twins Adeltrud and Archid Olter with the intention of one day creating his own Silhouette Knight, a feat unheard of for ages.


The Faraway Paladin

Will awakens in a new world after a life of stagnation to the faces of a skeleton, a ghost, and a mummy. The three raise Will as their own among the ruins of a long-forgotten city. The skeleton, Blood, trains him to fight; the ghost, Gus, teaches him magic; and the mummy, Mary, teaches him religion and duty. Most importantly, they all teach him to love.

Will prepares for the day when he must ultimately walk out on his own as he grows up and learns about the world into which he was born. This journey carries a lifelong pledge for Will. Every adult is expected to take an oath to the deity of their choice at their coming-of-age, with the strength of the vow impacting the degree of their sworn god’s blessing.

Will must prepare to embrace the truth of his undead guards and go on a journey into a world that even they don’t know the status of. Will finds, however, that every oath must be honoured in some way.


Ascendance of a Bookworm

Urano Motosu adores books and has an insatiable desire to devour literature of all genres. She is on her way to become a librarian, but her life is cut short by an accident. As she takes her final breath, she hopes she could read more books in her future life.

As if fate had heard her request, she awakens as Myne, a sickly five-year-old child from the mediaeval age. Her passion is the first thing that springs to mind. She attempts to find something to read but is dissatisfied by the lack of books available to her.

Books must be written and copied by hand without the printing press, making them incredibly expensive; as a result, only a few aristocrats can buy them—but this will not deter Myne. She will demonstrate that her desire to read is unshakeable, and if there are no books available, she will create them herself!


Seirei Gensouki: Spirit Chronicles

Haruto Amakawa, a 20-year-old college student, does not expect to wake up in a foreign world in the body of a small child called Rio after dying in a car accident. Rio discovers he now has magical powers when their memories and egos merge. Despite his new identity, he is relieved to discover that his burning desire for vengeance against his mother’s killers has not diminished.

Soon later, Rio comes upon the abducted Bertram Kingdom princess and promptly saves her. To show his appreciation, the emperor gives him admission to the Bertram Royal Academy. He is delighted to enrol at this famous institution, believing it would be a new chapter in his life, but living here proves challenging for him, a slum-dweller surrounded by the majestic offspring of nobility.


I've Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

Slimes are typically the most straightforward enemy to defeat in role-playing games, but they also provide the fewest experience points. What would occur, though, if you were to survive long enough to continue thwarting them for 300 years?

Azusa Aizawa, a corporate slave for many years, suddenly dies from extreme weariness. She encounters a goddess while purportedly on her way to the afterlife who grants her immortality and a tranquil existence in a different realm. There, for at least three centuries, Azusa has been taking care of her farm, guarding the adjacent hamlet, and eliminating roughly 25 slimes each day.

However, this somewhat repetitive cycle starts to break when Azusa unexpectedly learns that she has attained level 99—the highest level that can be attained—just by eating slimes. Rumors about her strength nevertheless spread despite her valiant attempts to conceal it out of concern that it would end her sluggish existence. Soon enough, individuals from all across the continent, including the dragon Laika and the elf Halkara, begin to show up at her door, some looking for a fight and others requesting her help. As Azusa makes friends and acquaintances who quickly become family, she discovers that she can live a life with others much better than she could on her own.


So I'm a Spider, So What?

High school students happily go about their daily business in an environment as normal as possible until an unimaginable calamity strikes the campus and kills everyone in its path. A few pupils are fortunate enough to be reincarnated into another world as nobles, princes, and other types of people with illustrious origins, guided by what appears to be a miracle.

However, one girl is not as fortunate. She quickly encounters the difficulties of her precarious circumstances after being reborn as a spider of the most vulnerable sort. She still has to keep going in order to survive the countless dangers to her life. She tries her best to seek prey and kill monsters in order to level up and progress after learning that her new world has a structure similar to that of an RPG. She hopes that as she progressively gets stronger, her efforts will be recognised and she will be given a better life.


My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! X

Personable but dense Catarina Claes is now able to live a peaceful life surrounded by all of her friends and family because there are no more death flags in sight. She’s determined to have a worry-free day at the school festival in order to really enjoy it.

She didn’t know that the game she used to play, Fortune Lover, still had a story to tell. New secrets await Katarina and those she loves as additional characters, each with their own goals to achieve, arise. When Catarina is unable to recall what occurs next, will there be any way to prevent a negative outcome?


The World's Finest Assassin Gets Reincarnated in Another World as an Aristocrat

The most lethal assassin in history had vowed eternal allegiance to the group that had reared him. But in spite of his loyalty, that very group acts to suppress him, which finally results in his death. He finds himself in front of a goddess who has been drawn to him by his amazing abilities while drowning in frustration and regrets he can no longer repress. The goddess offers him the chance to reincarnate into a glorious world of magic and swords in order to complete a vital task: kill the world’s hero in order to stop it from being destroyed.

He relives as Lugh Tuatha Dé, the son of a noble line of assassins serving the Alvan Kingdom, after agreeing to the goddess’ request. Lugh is taught new murder methods by his father, which are very different from the cold-blooded and callous killing methods of his past existence. His other skills also develop, which enables him to make new friends and allies. Even so, Lugh is aware that his efforts fall well short of what is required to completely vanquish such a formidable foe as the hero.


Death March to the Parallel World Rhapsody

Programmer Ichirou Suzuki, who is approaching his 30s, is overworked. Being exhausted, he finally gets a chance to catch up on sleep, only to awaken in a fantasy RPG world that is a mashup of the games he was actually debugging. He discovers in this new location that not only has his appearance changed to resemble a younger version of himself, but also that his name has changed to Satou, a pen name he employed when conducting game beta tests.

Before Satou can completely comprehend his predicament, a lizardmen army attacks him. Satou wipes them out entirely as a result of being forced to perform a potent spell in retaliation, and his level is increased to 310, thereby maximising his stats. Satou now embarks on an adventure as a high-leveled adventurer with a wide range of skills and no way to return to the real world.


In Another World With My Smartphone

Before Satou can completely comprehend his predicament, a lizardmen army attacks him. Satou wipes them out entirely as a result of being forced to perform a potent spell in retaliation, and his level is increased to 310, thereby maximising his stats. Satou now embarks on an adventure as a high-leveled adventurer with a wide range of skills and no way to return to the real world.

When Touya first enters this new world, he discovers that it is full of gorgeous girls competing for his attention and magic, a subject to which he has an affinity. These girls—Yumina Urnea Belfast, Leen, Yae Kokonoe, the twins Linze and Elze Silhoueska, Leen, and Yae Kokonoe—offer Touya a never-ending supply of love difficulties as well as company while he learns the details of this new society.


Wise Man's Grandchild

Merlin Wolford used to be revered as a national hero in the kingdom of Earlshide, praised for both his strength and accomplishments. But because he prefers a tranquil existence, he isolates himself deep within the rural woods and devotes his time to rearing an orphan that he found. This orphan is Shin, a common Japanese salaryman who was reincarnated into Merlin’s universe while preserving his previous memories. Shin continues to astonish Merlin with his unmatched skill in both martial arts and magic casting as the years go by.

But by the time he becomes 15, it’s clear that Shin hasn’t learned anything other than how to fight; as a result, he exhibits glaring social awkwardness, a lack of common sense, and a mediocre sense of responsibility. As a result, Shin decides to enrol in the kingdom’s Magic Academy in order to develop his abilities and grow up with other teens. However, it is impossible for him to lead a normal life because he becomes a local celebrity almost right afterwards.

Shin Wolford attends high school in the capital while being followed in Kenja no Mago as he makes new friends, discovers more about the world, and battles the various evil forces threatening him and his home.


The Misfit of Demon King Academy

An ancient conflict between humans and demons resulted in immense mayhem and bloodshed. Demon King Anos Voldigoad willingly gave his life in order to put an end to this struggle that seemed to go on forever, hoping to be resurrected in a time of peace.

The Demon King Academy was established by the demon race as a means of identifying Anos when he reawakens in anticipation of their king’s homecoming. When he reincarnates two millennia later, he is shocked to discover that the amount of magic in the world has significantly decreased. Additionally, he discovers that demonkind has a different memory of him when he enrols in the academy to reclaim his rightful rank. His character, his actions, and even his legacy are all fabrications that are hidden under a false identity. He is the academy’s outlier—a misfit never before seen in history—due to his “lack” of common knowledge.

Anos is unconcerned despite these problems. He takes it upon himself to convince his descendants that their monarch has at last returned as he sets out to discover those responsible for changing his magnificent past.


Saga of Tanya the Evil

Young soldier Tanya Degurechaff has earned the moniker “Devil of the Rhine” for her predatorial-like ferocity and amazing tactical prowess. Underneath her innocent exterior, however, is the spirit of a man who challenged Being X, the self-declared God, to a match of wits, leading to his reincarnation as a young girl into a realm of magical conflict. As the globe progressively descends into conflict, Tanya decides to rise through the ranks of her nation’s military with only Being X standing in her way of returning to the tranquil existence she once knew. However, the strong Empire’s astute moves and fighting initiative have an unanticipated side effect that makes it one of the most powerful countries.


Mushoku Tensei: Jobless Reincarnation

A 34-year-old shut-in who had experienced bullying, derision, and oppression all of his life had the courage to accomplish something heroic, only for it to end tragically in an accident. However, fate has it that he unexpectedly awakens in a different universe as Rudeus Greyrat and begins a new life as a child of two devoted parents.

Rudeus quickly acclimates to his new surroundings while preserving his memories and knowledge from his old existence. He begins to demonstrate extraordinary magical talent with the maturity of an adult, developing his craft with the assistance of Roxy Migurdia, a wizard. Rudeus meets Sylphiette, a young woman his age, who rapidly becomes his best friend, and he learns swordplay from his father, Paul.

Rudeus attempts to make the most of his new opportunity while overcoming his horrific history as his second chance at life begins. And perhaps one day he will discover the one thing he was unable to find in his previous life: love.


That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime

Satoru Mikami, 37, is a regular corporate employee who is pleased with his boring lifestyle in Tokyo. However, he has never been able to commit to a woman throughout his life. He is stabbed while having a casual conversation with his coworker and is the victim of an unprovoked street attack. But as he succumbs to his wounds, a strange voice echoes in his head and repeats a series of instructions that the dying man cannot understand.

Satoru realises that he has been reincarnated as a glob of slime in a foreign realm when he comes to when he regains awareness. He gains additional talents as a result, most notably the ability to swallow anything and duplicate its features and prowess. The Catastrophe-level monster “Storm Dragon” Veldora, which had been imprisoned for the previous 300 years after destroying a village to ashes, is later discovered by him. Satoru makes friends with him after recognising his plight and pledges to help him break the barrier. In exchange, Veldora gives him the name Rimuru Tempest to provide him with divine defence.

Liberated from the tedium of his previous existence, Rimuru now sets out on a brand-new trip with a clear destination in mind. His goofy antics spread around the world as he gets used to his new body, gradually changing his destiny.


KonoSuba: God's Blessing on This Wonderful World!

Kazuma Satou, a high school student and hermit, finds himself in front of Aqua, a gorgeous but annoying goddess, after dying a ridiculous and pitiful death on his way back after purchasing a game. She gives the NEET two choices: go to heaven or reincarnate in the fantasy realm of every gamer’s dreams! After deciding to start over, Kazuma is soon given the assignment of putting an end to a Demon King who is terrorising villages. The future hero chooses Aqua as his one item of any kind to help him on his journey before leaving, though. However, Aqua is absolutely worthless, and Kazuma has made a terrible error!

They discover that life in such a world is very different from how it appears in a game, which unfortunately doesn’t mean that their problems end here. The pair must first work to cover their living expenses rather than embarking on a spectacular excursion. Their bad luck has barely just begun, in fact!

That’s it! The 22 best romance anime. How many of these have you already watched? Which of these are you going to watch next? Let us know down in the comments.

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